Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cold Hearted (New Mission Teaser)

As the sun is eclipsed by Jupiter the distinct outline of a starship is seen soaring past Io. There is no mistaking the silhouette, it is the Proteus and it is swiftly passing through the solar system on its way to an important mission. Hours earlier a mysterious incident happened in the far off system of Beta Pictoris. One of the science satellites studying the nearby nebula has been destroyed. A probe has been launched from Markham II, a science platform not far from the system, but it is imperative that a ship hurry there to investigate.

Beta Pictoris is not distant from the Tyrrian Empire, an alien government not friendly with Earth. Suspicions are high and nerves on edge concerning the developing situation. Military advisers are speculating an invasion into human space while Earth's best scientists hypothesize about the nebula's involvement and the possibility that there is merely interference with the satellite. Not wanting to take any chances it has been decided to dispatch the newest and fastest ship in the fleet to investigate the situation, the Proteus.

Will the Proteus be able to get there in time to stop an unforeseen danger? Find out in the upcoming flights offered at the Cache Valley Space Education Center.


M.Robin said...

So do the Discovery missions not take place in the star trek universe like at the CMSEC?

James said...

So far we have had a mixture of both. We try to work in the universe that we have created, but with our Pleasant Grove roots it is hard to completely break away.

M.Robin said...

Yeah, that's cool. I was trying to think of missions and I wrote one that takes place in the star trek universe so that's why I wasn't sure. the mission is called 'Alliance'