Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who hasn't heard of the space center?

Everywhere I go someone seems to be talking about the space center. While down in Provo, I enjoyed a lunch with my mother and I was surprised to hear the table next to us talking about their recent visit to the CMSEC. It got me thinking of just how often this sort of thing happens. Whether it be people talking about a simulation they just went on or seeing a young boy wearing their summer space camp shirt. People all around have been influenced by the center in some way.

When asked what my employment was or what I liked to do for fun my answer was, "I work at the space center." I was always surprised that whenever I brought up this point there was always someone who spoke up, "You work at the space center?" Followed by, "I love that place. My 6th grade class went there and I was the engineer. If our pilot hadn't steered us into the sun we would have succeeded." It has always been enjoyable to then have a chat about what they liked about the experience and the details they could remember. This sort of situation happened from the time I started working in the eighth grade to having conversations in my college dorm at Utah State University. There always seemed to be someone who had gone there, and they never forgot the experience.